Page 3b 1914. They captured Beaumont-Hamel, but failed to take the village of Serre. The West Ridings would attack another hill on the left (Kavak Tepe). However, history has largely overlooked how close ‘D’ company and HQ Battalion, of the 6th East Yorkshire Regiment, came to winning the campaign on the 8. The Allied campaign was plagued by ill-defined goals, poor planning, insufficient artillery, inexperienced troops, inaccurate maps and intelligence, overconfidence, inadequate equipment and logistics, and tactical deficiencies at all levels. The Battalion moved northwards out of the trench in the following order D, C, B, A after passing SULAJIK we took a NE route crossing the dry beds of the streams. Again, while you say Tekke Tepe was not occupied, it was held very lightly by patrols. Steel with another and Capt. Ils sont enterrés à Tournai en Belgique. The men in a state of exhaustion, thirsty and hungry had to be pulled out of their trenches. They were met by stiff Turkish resistance, which confined them to narrow beachheads. He was commissioned in March of 1915, joining the 6th (Service ) Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment, as 2nd Lieutenant  by the time of the actions around Teke Tepe.

Compared with later experiences, Division fought as well as any troops ever did, be they Regulars or otherwise, and I am sure that those of us who had the honour to belong to either the 11, Divisions feel grateful to you for coming out plainly and placing the blame where it so justly belongs.”, attack on Tekke Tepe (actually in effect only D Coy and Battalion HQ) never reached the summit on the 9. were killed or captured, all the official reports were compiled after the events, by persons who had not been present. En reconnaissance de son service alors qu’il commandait le South African Light Horse, il fut investi comme Compagnon de l’Ordre de St. Michael et St. George (CMG). Further, you say that the Turks came in behind D Company and the rest of the battalion fought in the trench. In August 1914, the East Yorkshire Regiment (EYR), consisted of two Regular battalions, (the 1st and 2nd EYR), a Special Reserve (3rd East Yorkshire Battalion) and two Territorial battalions, (the 4th and 5th  East Yorkshire Cyclists Battalions). Ils empechent toute attaque surprise en imposant une préparation d’artillerie pour transformé en fragments de métal, les rouleaux de fls de fer barbelé entremêlés. as local Reserve. Formed at Hull on 19 June 1915, but soon moved to South Dalton. 9th Aug 1915. In the 7 days before the battle, the British artillery fired 1,508,652 shells against the first German defensive position. It was repulsed by Turkish reinforcements, with heavy loss to D Coy of the 6th  East Yorkshires, who advanced without waiting for the remainder of the Battalion. The. The 6th Battalion were to dig in and support the Lancashire Fusiliers and the Dorset’s, who would attack the next morning. were destined to reach. That this could and would have been done had there not been a lamentable failure of the Staff, I think goes unquestioned by those of us who had an accurate knowledge of the conditions; it was the loss of the Gallipoli campaign.

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