He had issue: Richard, George (1859), and Elizabeth. New Orchard Editions, Poole, Dorset, 1986.

The Arms were granted to Mr. Francis Wolfe by King Charles II (reigned 1660-1685) in appreciation of the assistance given by Mr. Wolfe to the King, when, as Prince of Wales, he was in flight from his enemies following his defeat in the Battle of Worcester in September 1651 and when most of his army had been killed or captured.
However, prior to this, two wolves' heads on a shield were attributed to one Hugh Lupus, created Earl of Chester, circa 1070. Col. A.G. Putrock. The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Azure (Blue) – Truth and loyalty 3. Wolves are supporters for the Coats of Arms of Lords Welby and Rendell, and Viscount Wolseley. Notes supplied by Mr. Michael Spencer of Berowra, NSW, Australia. facing the viewer) with no part of the neck visible.

Published: Harrison, 59, Pall Mall, London, 1884. In its earliest representations the wolf at times has a less than wolf-like appearance. Nell Grant. He was born in 1815 and in 1852 he married Henrietta Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Moreland Ball. One authority considers this charge may not be a leopard at all and is really that of a wolf, for, at certain periods in the past such decorative art was full of grotesque masks. At one time it appears to have been connected with the Foljambe family.

The arms of the Counts von Brandenstein-Zepplin depict a green wolf grasping a dead swan in its jaws on a yellow shield. In addition, there is a Milanese badge (no date given) allegedly in the Biblioteca Trivulziana, Milan, showing a lamb lying on its back with a wolf standing over it. The wolf is used fairly frequently in English heraldry. A Dictionary of Heraldry and Related Subjects. St. John Hope Federal ID #92-0127397 - wolfsong@wildwolves.org. Two such appear in British heraldry. Argent (Silver or white) – Peace and sincerity 2. In addition, Viscount Wolseley's Arms have the wolf as a crest, another example of a "pun" or play of words on a name, and the Viscount's motto is "Homo Homini Lupus". The Robertsons are known as Clann Donnachaidh (children of Duncan). Over the years this picture writing developed into devices, which differentiated armed warriors both in tournament and during battle. The Achievement of Arms of Skene even today show three dirks (or Skenes) piercing three wolves' heads, referring to the legend of the rounding of the barony. The use of the wolf is quite common in German heraldry. Confused about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

Later the Abrinces, Earls of Chester, used "two azure wolf's heads erased" on their Arms, perhaps reflecting back to the days of Hugh Lupus. Scottish Clans and Tartans. The arms of Hans Wolf von Bibelspurg show a wolf facing to the left, but on his marriage to Catharina Waraus at Augsburg in 1507, their shields were placed side by side and the wolf was reversed so that the charges on the two shields "respect" each other.

In Scottish heraldry the most prominent use of the wolf occurs with the Arms of Struan Robertson and with all other members of Clan Robertson who can claim descent from or- a relationship to the House of Struan. Dictionary of Heraldry and Feudal Coats of Arms and Pedigrees. This title passed to the De Meschines family in the time of Henry I. Depictions of this variety of sea-wolf appear more like those of a sea dog rather than a marine mammal, such as a sea lion.
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