If both companies decide venture down this creative path, these are the characters (and one team) that could thrive in an animated setting. Look, no offense to all the archer heroes in the Marvel and DC universes. According to Ruffalo, however, Universal hasn't been willing to play ball. Fraction's run was a smaller story and checks those boxes, and would certainly be better suited for TV than the box office. Since Marvel doesn’t have the film rights to the X-Men, why dedicate as much attention to them when they could focus on characters they fully own? There are a few characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who have story threads worth pulling on for a solo movie. While not quite at the same level as Batman, Superman has been adapted numerous in animation, including for several direct-to-video movies and the still-iconic Max Fleischer cartoons. Along with a solo Black Widow movie, fans have also lobbied for a Black Widow and Hawkeye team-up film, but Marvel has never shown much interest in actually making one. For now, anyway. Digging into the comics canon, many of his recurring foes have zeroed in on the same gimmick as … The Hulk's complex rights issues extend to many of his most notable adversaries and supporting characters, though there's one in particular that fans have been hoping to see in live-action for years... She-Hulk's movie rights are exclusively tied to those of her comic book cousin, Bruce Banner, so she too is hung up under the Universal banner for the time being. Marvel's Phase 4 promotes PC agenda. Hawkeye enjoyed a Marvel Comics renaissance of sorts from around 2012-2015, when acclaimed writer Matt Fraction launched his award-winning solo run with the character. Ideally this could be rectified in an animated movie, whether it was a Marvel/Universal partnership project or Universal found a way to do it themselves. It's a fantastic story perfectly suited to the modern comics, but it certainly isn't something people would likely flock to see out of the MCU.

Corey attended The New School in Manhattan after a 4-year drinking stint at SUNY Cortland.

Which of these characters would you like to see lead an animated theatrical movie? © 2020 Looper.com. Despite having recently reacquired the movie rights to Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men, the MCU still does not have the full screen rights to all of the characters in Marvel Comics. The Matrix: Why The Only Way In Or Out Is Through Phone Lines, Characters Marvel Still Doesn't Have The Movie Rights To, 5 Awesome Villains The MCU Can Now Use Thanks To The Fox Deal, Why Marvel Can’t Make a Standalone MCU Hulk Movie, pretty much every Marvel superteam around, Fox's X-Men Movies Never Worked Because it Focused On The Wrong Characters, Avatar 2 Set Photos Show Humans Fighting On Pandora, Justice League Snyder Cut’s Budget is Reportedly $70 Million, Scream 5 Continues Filming Despite 3 Positive COVID Tests, Suicide Squad: Cedric the Entertainer Really Wants The Ayer Cut Too, What Nicolas Cage’s Superman Would Look Like In 2020, Medieval Luke Skywalker Wields Excalibur Lightsaber In Star Wars Fan Art, Black Adam: Invisible Man Actor In Talks To Play Hawkman, How Thor Defeated Surtur So Easily (But Couldn't Beat Hela), Why China Hated Mulan's Remake (Despite Disney Making It For That Market), Netflix's Over The Moon Movie Trailer Pairs Breathtaking Visuals With Pop Music, Charlie Brown & The Peanuts Gang Meet 80s Horror Icons In Fan Art, The Batman Trailer Teases The Perfect World For Phoenix's Joker, Who Is Peacemaker? A Thor movie makes sense—he flies around the cosmos and bashes bad guys with a hammer. It was recently announced that a live action Plastic Man movie is in development, but it's hard to imagine that could be more entertaining than a fully animated movie starring Eel O'Brien.

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