Thank you to our Park Rangers!! With the help of Campbell University faculty and students, discover some amazing insects, plants, fungi and other cool critters that flourish in Raven Rock State Park! - If possible, get back to your car quickly. Please plan to attend and bring a a friend! Regulations of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission are enforced.PicnickingA wide trail leads to the picnic ground from the parking lot on the south side of the river. Take Care and Stay Safe, Friends! This donation is a great help to the park staff and is greatly appreciated. Raven Rock is a city located along the southwestern coast of Solstheim. We love when our other four-legged friends join us on hikes too! In addition to gorgeous blooming flowers and happy wildlife that you may see out on trail, park staff has been working diligently on many projects including trail improvements. **RARO PHASE 2 OPENING PROCEDURES** Stay cool, Friends! The first six riders on the newly opened Mountain Laurel Loop bike trail at Raven Rock State Park. Today is the big day for Raven Rock Art and Eco Fest - Celebrating 50 Years! Friends of Raven Rock State Park general membership meeting will be on Monday November 18th at 6:00 pm in the Visitor Center. This certificate usually takes several years to achieve and consists of many hours of trainings and real-life applications of those experiences. One of the first riders on the newly opened Mountail Laurel Loop bike trail at Raven Rock State Park on September 2, 2017. WUHOO !!!! Rosenlieb!! Questions regarding park policy, regulations, open & closed trails, and any other matter of official nature should be directed to park staff at 910-893-4888 or by checking the official NC State Park website at: https://www.ncparks.gov/raven-rock-state-park. The park sure has seen a few doozies lately!
Raven Rock State Park would like to announce and congratulate the retirement of Park Ranger David Brown! Friends....It's HOT out there. This page is managed by Friends of Raven Rock State Park. Snow!!

The current wait time is over 1 hour. If you happen to see one of the park's awesome seasonal staff members, maintenance technicians, or rangers, please give them a social-distance shout-out. Hey Friends of Raven Rock! Send a message to Friends of Raven Rock State Park (FRARO): Friends Flashback Friday! Stay safe out there, Friends! The park will be open on a very limited basis with hours from 8am-6pm. #NCStateParks #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #CoffeeBreakNeeded. Be smart about what you leave in your vehicle when out hiking. You must check in with a Park Ranger prior to going to your site. Canoeists should exercise caution and wear life vests at all times.

Remember to keep them on leashes at all times while in the park! Drinking water, restrooms and a refreshment stand with a drink machine are located nearby. Raven Rock State Park is currently taking applications for an open General Utility Worker position! Raven Rock State Park's main access, at 3009 Raven Rock Road, will be open from 7am – 9pm. Video by Ranger L. Baker. Please join us in congratulating Ranger David Brown on his well-earned retirement from the NC Division of Parks and Recreation and from Raven Rock State Park. Raven Rock State Park is located on the eastern edge of the Piedmont. The Cape Fear River is the frequent hiking destination for visitors entering Raven Rock State Park, whether it’s Lanier Falls, the Fish Traps rapids or the massive Raven Rock, an ageless landmark for river travelers.
Alliteration Tuesday: Friends should frolic in the foliage at Fish Traps during Fall! #NCStateParks #WarmWinter No site is accessible by vehicle. Park staff and rangers appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Last week, Park Ranger Lindsey Baker represented Raven Rock and NC State Parks at the 2019 North Carolina Science Teacher Association Conference and Professional Development Institute in Winston-Salem! Please read through this post carefully and in entirety. It is the first place discovered in the Dragonborn expansion.

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