On the next page, where her notes from Baxter read: we speak in such a lazy formal customary strain  It examines such topics as "What This Rest Presupposeth" and "Considering the Description of the Great Duty of Heavenly Contemplation," all buttressed with biblical citation and an occasional quotation from George Herbert's poetry. the goddess who fell in love w Ulysses To account fully for the presence of the Greeks, we must return to the notebook to see how Moore superimposed references to them upon her notes concerning the natural history of the mountain. His "restraint" masks an abundance of affection. . While Newman's position is that of orthodox Christianity, there is an attractiveness to the Greek ideal that certainly interested Moore. some finding strength in union, forming little stunted groves, their flattened mats of branches shrunk in trying to escape", from the hard mountain "planed by ice and polished by the wind"--, The poem ends with an explosion of motion that finds mysterious calm and self-possession on the mountain, even in the midst of unpredictable violence. Moore’s working notebook for “An Octopus” shows that the poet tried repeatedly to work Pan’s name into her poem but in the end, she preferred to conceal him in the figure of the mountain goat. Marianne Moore Newsletter 5 (Spring 1981), 23-24. There, after having presented the most ornamental characteristics of Florida seen by daylight, Bishop uncovers the corruption, the primeval energy of Florida "after dark."

The big arms double rowed w 140 suckers each are of amazing strength + unimaginable delicacy combined w extreme delicacy of touch. The Indians called it Tacoma, "The Mountain who is God"; the English, Mt. the glassy octopus symmetrically pointed, in a curtain of powdered snow launched like a waterfall." The Birds thir choir apply; airs, vernal airs,

The special excursion to Mt. At Banff, Marianne bought photograph-postcards of Mt. (89).

Warner's nickname comes from the same story; in this poem "when you hear the best wild music of the forest it is sure to be a badger."

Moore’s preoccupation with this kind or propriety in a poem called “Propriety” comes to light only when understood with Demetrius’s definition in mind. Indeed, it is possible that this allusion at one remove to a classic American scene of sublimity is merely meant to "put us on the scent" (Poems 45) of another such scene, one with more immediate relevance to "An Octopus." . And let this, my dear friend, be an aim to which we steadfastly apply ourselves.8. . Purgatory. Rainier. . Moving from forest floor to visionary mountaintop and back again, Moore betrays that she too lacks the "masterly equipoise" that she finds missing in Stevens's verse. (199-200). Rainier as a volcano, the results of eruption visible in the fallen rock above the timberline. In the works of both poets, subjective interpretations and imaginative additions, whether obvious or not, are essential to poetic meaning; both women present nonhuman nature in ways inviting comparison with human situations and behavior. The Modern American Poetry Site is a comprehensive learning environment and scholarly forum for the study of modern and contemporary American poetry. The poem's abundance of language risks identifying its poet as "an imposter," as its multitudinous indirections evade a threatened silence.

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