The premise behind Idiocracy is stupidly simple: two people, an "average joe" from the military named Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson), and a prostitute named Rita (Saturday Night Live's Maya Rudolph), are frozen in a military project. The ersatz attorneys claw their way into another non-courtroom to take school subjects ON TRIAL! How could you possibly hold your opinion as halfway legitimate, when you failed to merely identify the theme? The Global 100: The Richest Law Firms In The World (2020). The real sabotage in Bofors case started when the trial began in 2000. This elite has only one programme, to be the smartest cockroaches.

We are living — and now dying — in an idiocracy of our own creation. I will agree with you that it wasn't hysterically funny, but there were some pretty hilarious concepts and insights into our present culture there that you can laugh about and think about for a long time after watching the film, once the horror of witnessing stupidity overtaking the world wears off.

Luke Wilson plays an average Joe who is put into suspended animation and reawakens 500 years later to find himself the smartest person in America because everyone else has gotten so dumb.

Your review of this movie is proof that you should not waste the web-surfing public's time with any, future off-the-mark reviews. Please leave us a voice message on our Anchor page or email/Tweet us and @qsblawoffices for whatever reason. Private Joe Bauers, the definition of "average American", is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program.

Add roughly 8 million similarly irresponsible Democrats — most of them presumably young and clueless — and you have the makings of an out-of-control pandemic. You have managed to write a movie review with a complete lack of insight about the theme.

Someone who thinks this movie was "too stupid" to be funny was probably expecting more of the "Ow My Balls" stuff. When Mike Judge’s movie “Idiocracy” came out in 2006, almost no one saw it. Seriously.

Idiocracy is so cheesy that narration accompanies many of its scenes just to explain where the story is going. Areas of discussion include the Warlocks Of Tinder, the king of Transylvania, QAnon's magic bar of soap, if a gamer were president, shooting elderly from cannons, sheep driving, when assassins marry teenagers and Arnold on heroin. Heading into divorce court, our unqualified non-lawyers combine the unlikeliest of couples, marriage and glue sniffing. Word of mouth will turn this film into a cult classic. The elite has only one programme: To be the smartest cockroaches, and to keep the remaining people dumber than themselves, so that the canines who come from abroad to rule this land, rule it through the smartest cockroaches, the ruling elite of India.

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