175 out of 193 patients were She was a widow of eccentric character who lived in the basement of this property with her dog. Wife of Robert Charles Simmons (see below). The source for this listing is not known. Died at 4 Prospect Park, Exeter. Died 5 May 1942 at 43 Culverland Road aged 47. Died at King Street 25 April 1942 aged 43. [21] Rothnie, The Baedeker Blitz, p. 28; Demolition Exeter, ‘The destruction of the High Street in 1942’, 14 April, 2013,
Civilian of 31 Hazel Road, Exeter. Died at 4, Prospect Park, Exeter on 25 April 1942 aged between 50 and 60. [24]Although German crews were generally instructed to avoid bombing cathedrals after the destruction of Coventry Cathedral in November 1940 provided British authorities with a significant propaganda coup, one aircraft reportedly circled over Exeter’s cathedral with the intension of securing a direct hit. Bombs fell in High St, Sidwell St and Fore St, starting fires in the houses and shops there, which were soon out of control.
Buried in the same coffin as Grandmother Francis Sarah Brown Wife of William Thomas John Wallace (see below). Civilian Fire Guard of 32 Longbrook Street, Exeter. This is a personal account of what happened. He was a hide and skin merchant. Son of Captain Ernest Labbett of 69 Park Ave., Purbrook, Hants.

Husband of Norah Eveline Lendon. He died in the Sick Ward on "B" Block of the City Hospital 4 May 1942 aged 89. Died at 72 Blackboy Road 17 September 1940 aged 3. The Russian Revolution 1917: Celebration and Commemoration in Russia Over the Century, Marxist Historiography Throughout the 20th Century.

An enemy aircraft strafed the ground in this attack. Child. Municipal Maternity Home). No trace of her was found. Civilian of 3 Prospect Park, Exeter. Died at Cumberland Terrace, Paris Street, Exeter 25 April 1942 aged 12 months? Husband of of Beatrice Lipscombe. 4. Street of Kate and William Wallace below. Husband of May Eveleigh (see below). Daughter of the late William and Rebecca Tompson of Bedford Circus. The German offensive, a nine-month period of night bombing known as the Blitz, which had left London and many other British cities heavily damaged, had come to an end in May 1941, when the Luftwaffe had switched its resources to the invasion of the Soviet Union. No trace of her was found. [3][4], The destruction of Lübeck, and, the following month, of Rostock, shocked both the leadership and the population in Germany. In a little more than an hour, Exeter became a raging inferno. Injured at 47 Paris Street 24 April 1942 and died at Eton Place the next day. (The Savings Bank received a direct hit and members of the Home Guard who had taken shelter in the basement were all killed. Special Constable killed at St. Sidwell Street, Fire Guard killed at 115 St. Sidwell Street, Injured at 5, Marlborough Road. Died at 72 Blackboy Road 17 September 1940 aged 8. People were running everywhere, and firemen were frantically trying to deal with flames. Child. Hit-and-run raids on coastal towns by a few Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighter-bombers continued also. Injured at Briar Crescent 4 May 1942; died the same day at the First Aid Post, Burnthouse Lane. He had suffered from senile decay and died in the Sick Ward on "B" Block of the City Hospital 4 May 1942 aged 87 just as the alert sounded. Died at 52 Attwyll Avenue, Heavitree 30 December 1942 aged 45. Son of L/Cpl. [20] Parrott, Exeter’s guardian angels, p. 62, 68; Rothnie, The Baedeker Blitz, p. 47.

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