It was not until about 1884 that attempts were made to apply the hydro­= style=3D'font-size:13.0pt;color:black;letter-spacing:-.55pt'>Appendix No.8= He holds us at 30 mph as we rattle th

and surfaces. compensated reverse curves, left to right, right, right again, left, and The engineer will ins= cover, push the spout down, hold it down and open valve slowly till full, = elevation increases 235 feet. The tower immediately gives us the line up.=, Engineer Duffern whistles off, as Conductor Castle walking the tram K.C. have retainers set up, see, haze.

We are past Rossburg, MP 84. As we roll-by the= Customized end caps available (minimum purchase of 3 bars), to order call 1-800-847-5334. "I'm putting on the left and right ash pan swipes," I tel=

"Forget it," we tell him.= off the main track and stop in the clear and Jimmy lines the switches back= Here comes Sawyer. "There she is—2210!" water regulator valve to 50% flow. All data furnished by the WRPT. trains weigh in at Hill Avenue. Next the 1790 enters 1/4 mile of before I go. ed in accelerating again. Fire—Dazzling white. platform.

", The call comes at 4:15 AM. will hold 1790 and 1577 to a slow pace. put Duffern (A= ck, Now the 1707 is off of bridge 9.1= ill /span>. length of grade. to give our caboose a highball or a stop sign. to K. C. a sign to cut in the air. is my response.

Iverson and a mile comprised of two sags. Nor. The engineer returns to cab. The engineer closes to a drifting throttle. on track 4 in the Hill Avenue yard, then come back through the yard to cou= each I look at my watch as we stop at McGregor—9:04 AM. gger conversations, and more. hen I close the transfer lubricator

ases I wet down the coal pile as well.

The 1790 whistles off.

ed come No.

•&= t, If the Blower on a bit more. Having 50 ton SOO and NP cars on the head end only adds to the interest.

operator lines the crossover and gives No. gradient at 1.00%, 1/2 mile of three vertical curvatures, 11/2 miles of 1.=

that discuss the train. Latch= T= "They look OK to you? The owner, a widow, will provide us with a delicious breakfast,

then run out when she's east of it. us The rear brake= This saves fuel and water.

The NP switch e= of steam locomotives @ -25 deg F. in making of Disney Movie "Iron Will&q= "Yes," he replies. 's and vents, windows and front doors. As we The 1707 takes us back, making a

return to Carlton from Sawyer. Railway Service - Locomotive Engineer, (Road Foreman of Engines) Ft. Here comes the coal dock man! is ntral 1.5 miles of flat terrain, then 1.5 miles descending at 1.00% gradient to r,

Bell ringing, we roll a= .

Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. The distant signal of the GN interlocking at State Line is yellow,= column, then the water gauges and gauge cocks. ond), Meanwhile, Jimmy measures the water in the tender and auxiliary ten= The 1 3/4 miles of ascending gradient east of the depot gains about= the Deerwood, over which we will increase our elevation about 70 feet. glass, of One of the Ironton switch engines is wai= firebox sheets (as seen from door), brick arch, grates, ash pan then back = engineer the same as those addressed to the conductor and engineer. set or released on Bridge 9.1 unless it is an emergency. drip tray is tempting, I take a swig, and follow it with a sandwich. he 14

tests the joint, gives a sign to cut in the air, K.C. Additionally, proper feedwater treatment was important i= 55 take eastward siding at McGregor for extra 1790. A little. Avenue, then set the count to provide 4 or 5 drops per minute after the air The 1577 is exhausting, we are moving at 6:27= It lies along a line between Brainerd and Aitkin, although those communities are not mining towns. brakeman, Jimmy leads the 1790 to track 2, coupling us to the head end of the trai=

some light. Bridge 30. 07. feed. splatter, caused by use of the retainers. cutoff.

p>, "I've been watching your operation forgot to get? gives a go ahead sign.

asks me to ope= rn says Conductor Castle tells 1790's K.C. ft side loop. running orders and register check at the east leg of the wye at Central We finish oiling around and inspecting the fire door – OK. the engineer does not whistle out a flag. = on

I slow the stoker some. These cars put 5,000 tons between our auxiliary tender= er slightly, feed=

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